Lagomorph Brexit Manifesto

Buns against Brexit: Haas and Katrijn set out their manifesto


Scandal! Betrayal! Infidelity!

A shocking discovery was made when innocently flicking through holiday snaps taken by our staff. Waiter was photographed while snorgling … More

Letter to 2016

Dear 2016, What is going on with you? It’s only July and we’re bloody exhausted. What are you up to, … More

The fur is flying

Look how I resemble David Cameron’s cabinet. The fur is flying, the teeth and claws are out. Discarded secretaries of state and … More

Overheard at brekkers

Katrijn mah pe’al. Yes, Haas? Ah finks da Brexi’ Paranoia medicashiun ahr waitress is takin’ is workin’, like. Really? How so? … More