For shame, Mrs May

How do I disapprove of thee? Let me count the ways.


1 Foolhardiness in the face of criminal evidence

It’s “The Will Of The People”, people!

2 Not listening across the divide

Because “The People Have Spoken.”

3 Refusing a second referendum on the deal

Because “The People Have Spoken.” Stuck on repeat, are we?

4 Listening to party interests only

Under the guise of “Respecting The Democratic Process” of course

5 Only realising at the 11th hour what an almighty mess you have created

“Honest guv, I was only executing the Will Of The People!”

6 Being a national embarrassment

Breakfast with Mark Rutte? Lunch with Angela Merkel? Dinner with Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Junker? Oh please, nobody likes desperation. Know when to throw in the towel.

7 Tolerating Boris et al for so long

You cannot possibly claim that was “The Will Of The People”…

8 One for Delores: those necklaces

Darling, do yourself a favour and ditch those hideous things, they do nothing for you. We all know you’re a woman in chains. No need to rub it in…

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