The Have Cake, Eat Cake trope returns

It has been an interesting week and I have been a busy bun.

First there was the usual Brexit nonsense that I am too bored to deal with anymore, but hey, it pays the bills because wow, how many patients have I acquired in the Palace of Westminster in the last 2,5 years? It pays to be a Bunstructive-Developmental Psychiatrist specialising in Mass Delusion and Political Aberrations in these times.

I know you know I cannot discuss my patients, what with confidentiality issues and all that, but suffice to say that a certain someone has been clocking up the airmiles between London and Brussels this week with the idea that there still is a cake to discuss.

Remember the cake strategy?!

Handwritten notes with the text 'What's the strategy? Have cake & eat it.' highlighted.

Oh dear. Have a sweet, my dear.

Next, several of my billionaire clients booked in for emergency sessions after the lovely Rutger Bregman gave them a timely piece of his mind on tax avoidance.

Haven’t seen it? Do keep up:

Being told that jetting into some posh Swiss ski resort to be papped tut-tutting at the state of the world these days in between calls to your people in the Cayman Islands isn’t enough to be Good Person proved too much for these fragile egos.

Billionaire or not, none of us can have cake and eat it. Simples.

Yes, I am laughing all the way to the bank with my special rates for these hapless billionaire bimbos and before you ask, yes, I pay all my taxes. I’m proudly in the 99% bracket for the tax on genius. Annual snorgles from me to HMRC.

And now for a long overdue fluffy bun pic. Enjoy.

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