I am in business. Now that I have given up my French passport for good and turned down Vlad’s dodgy Russian one – who wants to be a Russian Lop anyway?! – it is time to announce my new venture to the world:


Lagomorphonics in the Fast Lane

Together with my friends Haas and Katrijn I am starting up my business in Forensic Lagomorph Engineering and Design. Together we can revolutionise the world, a great tradition among us French English Lops.

Bouffe And Friends will offer experimental services as well as standard consultancy. Our lab is a playground of innovation, fearless research and soul searching in the service of all mankind (and so you don’t have to – convenient, oui?)

Our pioneering tradition will make Bouffe And Friends the engineering lab of choice for our discerning clients.

We are market leaders in Forensic Lagomorph Engineering as well as Design and offer the following services:


BAFFLED Interior Redesign


BAFFLED Environmental Design


BAFFLED Precision Measurements


BAFFLED Bunstruction

Meet the BAFFLED team!



Chief Lagomorph Engineer Haas.

With four years of engineering tunnels, holes and observation posts Haas leads on our engineering projects.


Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist Katrijn

Katrijn can look back on a distinguished career analysing and dissecting human behaviour using her unique Bunstructivist-Transformational approach to counselling and pscyhoanalysis. Small wonder her client list includes politicians and other Z-list celebrities.


Founder and CEO Bouffe

As the founder and CEO of BAFFLED Plc I serve at the pleasure of our clients and our dedicated global fanbase. I seek to innovate, explore, redesign and digest with passion and dedication.

Now, excusez-moi, I have to go nosebump a couple of ankles for some petit déjeuner. It’s all fine and dandy, launching a business, but there is only so much stomach rumbling I am prepared to invest…


Spill your beans here - you know you want to!

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