Scandal! Betrayal! Infidelity!

A shocking discovery was made when innocently flicking through holiday snaps taken by our staff. Waiter was photographed while snorgling … More


Too busy ter talk, orrite We ‘ave stuff goin’ down ‘ere like yer wouldn” believe La’ers

Letter to 2016

Dear 2016, What is going on with you? It’s only July and we’re bloody exhausted. What are you up to, … More

Overheard at brekkers

Katrijn mah pe’al. Yes, Haas? Ah finks da Brexi’ Paranoia medicashiun ahr waitress is takin’ is workin’, like. Really? How so? … More

Brexit hangover

Haas, why is brekkers late? Waitress has a Brexit hangover, pe’al. What, that new Olympic sport that Nigel Farage won … More


What’s happening Katrijn? It’s not raining. Or sleeting. Or blowing a gale. I haz confused.