It was fun… for about 30 minutes

Yeah. Medid likes da snow ter be hones’, Ah used ter dig aroun’ in i’ tryin’ ter fin’ mah lost iFone but da bein’ cleva ladybun she is Katrijn go’ me a black one fer may burfday an’ Ah ‘aven” los’ i’ since in da snow. She go’ da PhD fer a reason, did mah ‘Trijn, she go’ a big brain on ‘er.

So da diggin’ woz fer engineerin’ prac’ice as Ah ge’ a sense Ah mite be diggin’ aranhd in da stuff more reggerly wot wif global warmin’ an’ mah ma’e Bouffe’s consulan’cy bein’ in demand as a resul’.


Ah wozn” sure if mah Katrijn woz enjoyin’ ‘erself so much in da snow. She wozn” doin’ any engineerin’ bu’ she did perform a few hops ‘n fings.



Ah fink she woz no’ ‘appy abaht da effec’ of da snow on ‘er pre”y mane. I’ sor’a wen’ frizzy ‘n stuff…

Poor fing. Ah know she ha’es i’ when she go’ da frizz goin’ on in da mane!



Mind you, Katrijn is no’ goin’ ter like me postin’ pics of ‘er frizz so Ahm bracin’ mahsel’ fer an embarassin’ #twitterrevenge tweet or 2 showin’ me servin’ mahsel’ a freshly made snack from mah own bottae or somefink, hah!

Meanwhile mah dear friends Flopsy, Tia an’ Mitzi ‘ave been busy binkyin’ an’ bungineering. We received dis ‘ere pho’o repor’ from da TMF bunstruction si’e deep in da Oxfordshire jungle.

Flopsy Hop




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  1. Oh my… you’re lucky to get out in the snow! I’ve been told Neville is still sneezing, so no snow time for him 😦 Once I get back it’s the v-e-t-s for him again, and I guess more bitter and yucky Baytril.
    Having said that, Kathrijn looks adorable with wet hairdo 🙂 Where is Bouffe? He doesn’t like snow?


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