Haas finds his iPhone

So, Ahm in da garden wif da wife yeah, and Ahm finking, dis is jus’ like last win’er wehn Ah lost me iFone, rite. An’ Ahm finkin’, wot if Ah woz ter fin’ mah iFone cos of da snow, cos it really bugs me rite dat Ah’ve spen’ all summer tryin’ ter fin’ i’ agin.

Wot if Ah needed da snow ter fin’ it cos dat’s were Ah lost i’?!

Guess wot?

Foun’ i’.

Fing is, yeah, i’s now a really anterqua’ed Fone yeah, on accahnt of i’ only bein’ an iFone 4.

So Ah chucked i’ ova da fence ter da neighbours before K’trijn saw i’, Ahm ge”in’ a new one fer me burfday dis week… Case she changes ‘er mind abaht me presen’!!

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