2012 style advice

Delores, Editor-in-Chief

Yes my dears, by popular demand, here is my slightly belated – apologies darlings! – style advice for 2012.

I do wonder if the world of fashion deserves my genius, because despite my best endeavours, I still see scores of UGGly footwear on those dainty feet. When will those lovelies learn that it does not befit a true stylish lady to be seen in public wearing slippers?

But enough about those. Onwards and upwards, is what I say! So polish those elegant Tiffany specs, pour yourself another cup of nettle tea and peruse my hot style tips for 2012 at leisure.

Style advice 1: Animal print

That darling Jess Cartner-Morley has written about them in our quality sister paper already, so you must know I am talking portraits of course. But bless her, she got it all wrong with her ponies and zebras. The only print for 2012 of course is:

Style advice 2: Bun Bags

Accessorise! Our Bouffe is very into his buck bag, he takes it everywhere. The size is important, as is the shape.

I do sometimes think it’s compensation for something which has gone missing a while ago after a visit to the quacks. I guess we’ll never know, Bouffe being a bun of few words generally.

Style advice 3: Manners

Manners have everything to do with style. Manners make even the knottiest mane look glam! Be on thy best behaviour in 2012! ‘Tis the Year of Thank you, Please.

The rules:
1. No attacking breakfast until after the cuddle session has ended

2. Keeping the mansion tidy. Harder for some of us it seems…

Some work on his tidiness is needed before Bouffe and I can move in together. That and his rather too smug look on his face.

3. Sharing toys. And not playing up to the paps trying to look cuter than the other.

Style advice 4: Taking it easy

Nothing looks less appealing than a stressed bun. Or waitress. A very bad look indeed.

2012 will see the return of cocooning and quiet reflection. With a bit of grooming thrown in.

Style advice 5: Recycled fashion

Indeed, nothing wrong with a bit of thriftiness, is there? This is the year of the firm NO to throwaway fashion, I wager my whiskers on that one.

So yes, you will have noticed I am still working my fave 2011 LBD. And I will carry on doing so until it stops covering my modesty and starts boring me!

All stylish buns have their favourites which they will wear and play with until they have truly bunstructed it. Only then will we reach for the mouse to place a repeat order at Fashion Conscious Bun HQ.

Now then my darlings, there you have it! How do you intend to make your year as stylish and relaxing as possible?


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