Rumours of a Bexit are exaggerated

Mes amis!

No, the Bunnington Post isn’t quitting subversive journalism. In fact, me and my friends Haas and Katrijn have been under the impression our waitress was busy publishing our news when she wasn’t. Needless to say we have been horrified to have been misled so, and she is on her final warning. She is also getting the cold shoulder (except at brekkers, dinner-time, snack times and cuddle time).

Sooooo… What’s been happening?

Summer’s been happening. Haas and I have been having a flopping down contest:


Haas clearly likes grass for his flops. Gimme carpet any day, personally!



Also, in a separate misconduct case the waitress was caught throwing out Katrijn’s carefully constructed swamp last week. Despite Katrijn putting on a sit-down demonstration and Haas’s interference, in the bin it went.



We cannot say more about it for legal reasons other than that things might get ugly for a waitress on her final warning, let’s just say we have hired our friend @LeonardREW QC to handle the case, who as everyone knows is an expert in bunny swamp preservation cases.

On the romantic front Haas and Katrijn are as loved up as ever despite the food stealing and chasing:


Eh bien, that is enough of our domestic news, next time we return to work properly with breaking news from our beloved correspondents across the world and of course the latest gossip news about the many brainless idiots running the world. A lagomorph’s work is never done.


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