World Animal Day 2012

Eh bien! What I see here? It is waitress bearing a present from my dear friends Haas and Katrijn! It is a special day today after all.

Celebrations all around!

Oooh, it is a chew toy! Very useful things. Must remind myself to pick up and bang against cage repeatedly at 3am to attract attention from waiter and waitress upstairs.

We lagomorphs like a fuss in the dead of night.

Allez. Send waitress off with Animal Day present to Haas and Katrijn. And make it snappy, wench!

Ooooh Haas!! See what Bouffe has sent us? He remembered! And he didn’t even live here this time last year!

Isn’t he a dear… for a frog lop.

Orrite pe’al, gis some space.

Exci’erble bun she is, is mah K’trijn, whenever food ‘n suchlike’s on offa.

Rafa nice fer me brekkers, a bi’ o’ chew-chew, yeah. Makes a nice change frem all dat ‘ealfy veggie stuff ‘n all dat…

I’ ain’ ‘af bad mefinks, i’ ain’ ‘af bad… Cheers Boov ma’e!

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