By George! The paps are busy peeps…

I have to say, Haas, I feel for that little Prince George. Not only does he have a mother who does eyeliner like it’s the 1980s (I blame her air hostess mother), he has the paparazzi affliction almost as bad as we do.

Monday 8.03am: first pap of the day

Haas and Katrijn chiling at home

Good grief, they have alarm clocks and everything…

Then we had our lunch munch spoiled by telelens:

Haas and Katrijn taking a peek

I don’t know how you can be so relaxed about it. It WINDS ME UP NO END!

That one last night really took things to a whole new level: a pap hiding in the bushes disguised as a squirrel pretending to be eating a hazelnut.

Squirrel in hazelnut tree

Yeah, don’t think I can’t see your beady little eye! Whatever next?! GM plants sprouting cameras and microphones? House sparrows rigged up with spying equipment? Eavesdropping elves?! That’s it Haas, up your sticks, we’re moving!

+++ to be continued…+++

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