How to train your waitress, Part II

So, mes amis. Time for an educational interlude.

Recently I identified some developmental needs in my waitress. She is a slow learner, as we have already established, so I was prepared for a long battle ahead.

Waitress training, phase 1

I tried nudging her ankles, she bent down to give me a noserub, but nothing changed.

I then threw my toys in my poo tray, which I had thought sent a pretty clear message about my expectations, but nothing changed.

Bouffe in his tray

I then chewed some holes in waitress’s favourite cushion to attract her attention, but nothing changed.

Bunstructed Cushion

Waitress training, phase 2

I decided to resort to a more confrontational form of education, the Pee Protest Method.

I peed over the edge of my tray in front of her, right after she’d changed my bed and tray.

But nothing changed.

Bouffe Aim

She bought me a different one. So I peed in front of it.

Bouffe protest pee

But nothing changed.

So I peed beaucoup in front of the new tray to teach her. I also peed in the tray in front of the waiter to divide and rule my workforce.

But nothing changed.

Bouffe Multiple protest Pee

Then she stuffed the new tray full of straw, because she knows I am partial to having a wee on straw sometimes. That old chestnut!

And nothing changed.

Exasperated, I provided a guidance pee.

Bouffe Guidance Pee

This is when my immensely intellectually challenged waitress finally understood what I had wanted all along: my old poo tray back, merci beaucoup ma bonne.

Bouffe Victory Pee

Vraiment, it takes a colony of lagomorphs to train a waitress.

Eventually I prevailed and I now have my favourite poo tray back after many months, and have gained a lovely hay box for digging in, chewing on and heaping onto my bed for her to find and tidy up each morning.

You have to keep ’em on their toes!

Bouffe Hay Box

Every day is a school day.


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