Out now: the official Bunnington Post 2013 calendar!

Yes indeed and truly bang on time for the unveiling of the New Year, we present to you with pride and pleasure:

The Official Bunnington Post 2013 calendar!

January 2013

Packed with beautiful pictures of your intrepid lagomorph reporters, this calendar has been designed to help you organise your life.

With this exclusive, limited edition calendar you will:

… never be caught unprepared on Waitress Appreciation Day!
… always be reasonably sure which day of the month it is!
… still not know when Mother’s or Father’s Day is!
… be able to get inspiration from Bouffe when having a difficult poo*

Hurry, get your copy of the Official Bunnington Post 2013 calendar while stocks last!

For a limited time only: Order before midnight on 31st December 2012 and get January 2014 FREE!

How to order your personal copy of the Official Bunnington Post 2013 calendar:

1. post a comment in the comments box
2. ensure you use the email address you wish your personal copy of the Official Bunnington Post 2013 calendar to be sent to (to protect your privacy, do not put your email address in the comment itself)
3. check your email account every five seconds to see if waitress has emailed you the calendar yet
4. if necessary, check your spam filters and/or add bunningtonpost[thingy]gmail.com to your safe senders


*display in loo required to achieve desired results


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