Mitt Skype Haas

Yeah. Haas ‘ere. ‘ello. Pron’o! Moshi moshi! … ? Oi! Speak up willya, can’ ‘ear a fink like dis.

Mi’ mah ma’e.

Nah, is a figgere of speach orrite, Ahm not yer ma’e, so don’ get carried away ova a bi’ o’ ‘ybrid Pira’es o’ Penzance/Cockney Rhymin’ Slang

Is blowin’ a gale over dere you say?

Messin’ wif yer ‘air. Innerferin’ wif yer pressedenhiul elleshiun campaign.

Mah Katrijn finks i”s nuffink ter do wif da win’. Is da Berlusconi hair wot is da problem, geddit? Or pollissy…

Yea she got technique orrite. Styles me fluff each mornin’ fer me, mah Katrijn does…

Orrite. ‘ere’s a tutorial, if ya stop callin’ me ‘mate’.

Step 1

Get yer wife ter groom yer top.

Step 2

Repea’ Step 1

Step 3

Repea’ Step 2

Step 4

Repea’ step 3

[blip] ‘ang on. Pic downloadin’

Dat yer wife? ‘s OK. Each ter ‘is own, eh?

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