Thank you

From our editor Katrijn
additional reporting by Haas and Bouffe

Dear friends,

Thank you all very much for your kind messages. They have cheered us up enormously while we are dealing with the terrible sadness and the Delores-shaped hole which so suddenly appeared in our newsroom and mansion.

The hutch next door is empty and still, and the grass in the mansion isn’t being eaten fast enough to keep on top of it. We don’t like it one bit.

The size of my bottae is suffering, but I am fighting to keep it in shape because Delores would worry otherwise! Haas is doing well on this front (he is a little more muscular than Delores really approved of, but she never held this against him). Bouffe says knowing that his rear was his one asset Delores did approve of helps him to deal with the unfinished business of winning her heart.

We also want to add that although we don’t always show it, because we do not enjoy having our teeth looked at and our tummies examined, we are grateful for the expertise of our personal physicians. They do have an excellent 24-hour Cuddle Service when overnight stays are required and Bouffe in particular was rather taken with the optional Fuss Treatment (part of their excellent X-Ray and Health Monitoring Service) after he’d fallen off a chest of drawers the other week and done himself a whiplash. But I digress.

Delores was very ill very suddenly. Her personal physician looked after her with genuine compassion and skill. It is a great consolation to her friends to know that she was in such caring hands when it mattered the most.

Haas pledges not to whack the treatment table anymore. Well. At least at his next visit. For graceful, well-mannered Delores.

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