Grumpy breakfast

Orrite. Wot ‘ave we ‘ere? Looks a bi’ rude, innit?

It’s a presen’ from dear frien’s Tia, Mitzi ‘n Flopsy! Nice one, matey!


‘trijn me pe’al, come on up ‘n see wot we’ve go’, i’s a rite ole laff ‘n tas’y ter boo’!

Whoa ‘trijn me swee’, no need ter ge’ all persessive ova a bun, like… Bi’ more of da ladeelike poise, Ah fank yer very much.

Be”a pose fer da paps ter diffuse rumour abaht da ole marriage. Sum fluffy cutesey barfy pics should do da trick mefinks. Show us yer mane, mah lovely!

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