A disastrous week

Dearest darlings!

Apologies for the radio silence since last week’s confirmation of Bouffe’s health and disposition. It has been a traumatic few days for us all, but you’ll be pleased to hear we are all alive and well.


Katrijn was forced to endure blustery winds while playing in the country mansion.

The resulting outcome was a mane disaster requiring a drastic intervention to correct.


Waitress spotted an unmentionably large lump of unmentional matter on my unmentionals located under my tail. Cue a trip to the servants’ quarters for a very undignified bath.

Didn’t even get a proper pedicure while they were at it due to budget restraints, again it was down to me to do a DYI job on my footsies.


Unbeknownst to the rest of us, this was the day Bouffe ate ALL the greens.


NO greens for breakfast. No broccoli, no spring greens, no celery: just carrot, some apple, pellets, treats and hay. Snarf

Considering a cuddle-strike.

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