Beats a garden gnome…

Now then Haas, we must start thinking about what we’re going to do with the country mansion this summer. I think we could do with some new garden ornaments, what do you think?

DANGER! Mefinks da wife is finkin’ of gettin’ a garden gnome… No accountin’ fer taste… Ah reckon da best tactic is ter keep me gob shu’ an’ le’ ‘er ge’ on wif i’!

Or perhaps something a bit more tasteful and functional. Like a climbing rack?

Ah, good! They’ve delivered he luxury model, Haas! We have it on trial to see how we like it.

Nice quality. What do you think?

Strange. It looks incomplete… Especially from a distance.

That’s it! It needed Bink’s Cloaking Device to spruce it up! I should be a landscape architect, you know. Capability Katrijn!

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