Mail order from Bunnifrey

Hello, Customer Service? Yes, it’s Bink on Earth. I need to return a faulty Cloaking Device.

What? Yes, the plug is in the socket. No, tried that too. Didn’t do anything to fix the problem either.

I need you to take it back for a refund. Yes.  No. Yes, I’ve used them before.  Yes, I’ve read the manual… I should try what?

Fall down the rear seat back to the floor and insert the two stopper male on the top. 

Nope, didn’t work.  I’m sure it’s faulty… Pardon? How I know it’s faulty? Well, it’s not cloaking at all.  

I want you to take it back please. It’s not much of a Cloaking Device if my own wife can see the thing now is it!

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