Choice and Control

From our reporter – Discerning buns are demanding more choice and control over breakfast.  Personalisation of meals and individual menus are just a few of the changes rabbits in England can expect under the new government concordat, Putting Rabbits First.

Rabbits have rapidly become the companion of choice for many people fed up with scooping poo in the park, barking dogs and cats taking up precious space on the sofa or even trying to sleep on the bed at night. The high-profile status in society of the bun necessitates a reassessment of care and support for these superior animals, so that existing systems may keep pace with the increased population.  As bunnies are growing older due to better care and healthcare, demographic pressures also mean that putting buns in the driver’s seat will keep costs manageable while offering a personalised service to each bun.

Personal preference

We meet Katrijn, 2, and Haas, who prefers not to reveal his age.  Having recently married, Haas and Katrijn live in bespoke accommodation which meets their every need both in practical terms as well as preferences. After moving in with Katrijn in October Haas decided to rearrange the poo-poo tray to his personal desire, allowing him to poo in the middle of the downstairs den and wee in the corner, outside the tray.

Haas explains: “It’s all about personal habits, innit? I mean, Katrijn here likes to look out the window when she’s dozing and I like to catch a glimpse of the garden when I’m having a little me-time, so to speak. We thought we might have to move hutch, but being able to make some changes we can stay in our own home now. That’s choice and control for me, pe’al.”

And what does the Putting Rabbits First concordat mean to Katrijn? “To me, choice and control is all about breakfast, if I’m honest.  Haas is a particularly house-proud bun, so that is clearly his priority.  To me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so a good selection is paramount to my health and wellbeing.”

Which only goes to show that everyone is different, and that this is one concordat about which we will surely hear more in future.

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  1. All this sniffing arounf choice and control is all very well, but what about the risks involved? If bunnies are free to roam , will we have to make sure that they wear specially adapted harnesses? What if they choose to undertake bun-jee jumping, group sex, knitting or God forbid, become carnivoures? We must remember that these are dumb animals and are not capable of knowing what is good for them!


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