Red alert

From our reporter – All buns are on high alert after a winged predator was spotted in the skies over Oxfordshire.  A red kite has been seen soaring over the hills and valleys of the county, apparently taking a keen interest in the inhabitants of the Bunny Realm.

Delores is convinced that the kite is after her food, and has started eating more as a deterrent to a most unwelcome visitor.

The approach Bink is taking is a different one: his Special Super Powers will protect him from being detected in the mud.

In the adjoining pen, Haas is taking a more practical approach. ‘It’s obvious innit?  All wot needs doin’ is diggin’ yesself a nice tunnel, is what I say.  Leave it wif me darlin’, Haas’ll take care of fings’, he was heard saying to Katrijn, before getting stuck in with a fresh patch of virgin grass on the lawn. Katrijn was not available for comment: she was hiding in a pipe until the danger passed.

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