Haas 0-3 Katrijn

..and it is another jam-packed afternoon here at Lagomorph Stadium affectionately nicknamed by fans the Bunny Bowl, with the long-awaited Haas-Katrijn confrontation finally taking place after many weeks of speculation about transfers, fitness and of course those infamous rumours about Haas giving Coffee the eye.

And we’re ready for kick-off and it becomes clear from the outset that Katrijn is in a very strong position today to make the most of any missed opportunities for Haas.

Katrijn, who is known for playing and understated yet strategic game knows to make the most of Haas’s tendency to crash and burn and lets him have ball possession for the first half.  Being the more seasoned player she knows many chips will fall by the wayside ripe for the picking while Haas is spending precious energy on chasing the ball.

The fans are going mad for this tantalising game as she scores, and scores again! What a player, what grace and above all, what a classy approach.  But Haas mounts a defence.

He takes possession of the ball, sending Katrijn into a frenzy.  He’s off, she’s lagging behind.  Will she keep up with his frantic pace?  She has to up her game if she wants to keep her lead.

Haas is relentlessly pursuing that ball now, but here is Katrijn again, and as the final whistle is about to go, she scores again!

And that was one mesmerising game the likes of which we are not likely to see again soon, and from me live at Lagomorph Stadium, enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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