A nonlinear response

Aha. O ho… Hmmm?

Really? And what does it say about…

Ooooh! Nooo, if that’s true then…



I’m beginning to think that the Prime Minister’s problems stem from dodgy susceptibility tensors because her electric field isn’t expressed in terms of its Fourier transform – we  all know she can’t do Fourier integrals.

Too many resonant susceptibilities. The Conservative party is truly an assembly of polarisable units which are independent and noninteracting and all too ready to neglect the local-field factors.  Hyperpolarisation is the result – that explains a lot about her mental state, frankly.

Here, page 87. What do you think?


Hm… Aha…  Rite… Wowzah!

Ah knew i’ wos bad jus’ fru da nitely fonecalls bu’ dis is sum scary shi’ mah pe’al. Be”a ge’ den boys in whi’e round ter stick ‘er in a s’rai’jacke’ pronto.

Shoulda been done years ago.

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