Japanese spies

Oooh, what is this? Hmmm… Let’s have a look

Clicketiclick et voilà. What have we here?

Huh… Umm, it can’t be…


Haas! Increased activity from Japan. Stats don’t lie – look, this is suspicious!


Wot?? How? Where? 

Here – look. It’s coming from their synchrotron facility, see? Massive peak. Dangerous things those, I don’t trust them, personally.

Pe’al, dem lo’ are un ter ahr plan ter stick Feresa Mae in a par’icle acccelera’er ter teach ‘er sumfink abaht da’a fiderli’y an’ percishiun

Oh no, how did they find out?? Haas! Industrial espionage?

‘ave you been twee’ing abaht i’ on Twi”er?

No! Of course not!

‘ave dere bin any suspishius visi’ers la’ely?

NO! Definitely not… Not with those Russian heavies out front moving on those celebrity tours. And our security gates. And CCTV. I’m stumped!


Den we ‘ave an espionage si’uashiun. Or a ‘ostage one.

Dat wai’er, where is ‘e anyways? ‘aven” seen ‘im in a week. An’ wot woz he doin’ las’ monf when ‘e disappeared fer a for’nigh’, yeah? Explerrain dat one ter me.

Oh. My. God. Haas!

The Japanese scientists have our waiter

To Be Continued…




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