Haas goes a-lumberjackin’


So. Mah wife Katrijn an’ Ah ‘ave been busy mowin’ da lawn at da manshiun fer da las’ two weeks or somfink. It’s lookin’ good, mefinks.


Da waitress ‘as done a sterlin’ job makin’ sure da danderlions are growin’ everywhere dis spring, as apprecia’ed spesh by mah frien’ Bouffe, who’s ‘avin’ a bi’ of a crummy ol’ time wif ‘is head tilt ‘n fings. He likes ‘is danderlion’s, Bouffe does.

Anyroad, no’ bein’ one fer sharin’ indiscreshiuns abaht mah frien’s Ahm sure Bouffe will be postin’ somefink fer ‘is fanbase soon. In da meantime Ah fought Ah’d post somfink on mah new buzzyness sideline, lumberjackin’.

Da noble professhiun of fellin’ trees ‘n choppin’ ’em up is normally associa’ed wif ahr cousin, da beaver. Only, us lagomorphs are pre”y a’ ‘ome in da ole branch chompin’ depar’men’ too.

Mah waitress ‘as filmed a li”le docurmenterry abaht da lumberjackin’ branch of branch chompin’, as demensterra’ed by me mahsel’. Very rewardin’. Spesh da lunch breaks, Ah do like me a bite ter eat af’er sum propah lumberjackin’.


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