The bruiser brothers

Eh bien, cher cousin Neville. How’s the jaw doing?

What, this? ’tis but a scratch.


Ha! Well. I know how it got there though.

Really. You should see the other guy…

He did look a  little peaky when you were done with him.

Can’t say I minded your company that night…

It was good wasn’t it? Team work. Perhaps one day you’ll teach me that mean behind leg left hook you do. Very impressed I was.

Well. Nobody talks about my Holly that way!

Never! Snarf! 

Shame though. To be banned from all of Kensington for just a tiny little punch up in Boujis is a bit drastic, non?

Well, dear Bouffe, as things stand with me and the missus, I won’t be frequenting any bars for decades anyway… How’s the ear, by the way?

Oh you know, it’s just a flesh wound… On se débrouille!



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