BAFFLED Labs, Bunstruction Division

Heatwave or no heatwave, I have work to do.

8:30 Rudely awakened by hapless waitress bringing brekkers. Obligatory wiggle-waggle with the ears and tail to amuse her.

9:06 brekkers out of the way, I position myself on my mat at the bottom of the stairs to guard the letterbox. It is also an excellent spot to keep an eye on waitress who frequents the stairs carrying large piles of books, ladders and other girlie things.

11:43 I move my left ear to a cooler spot on the floor. sigh

12:57 Waitress disappears into kitchen. I hear the promising sound of the fridge door opening and the vegetable drawer moving. I consider getting up but decide against it on the grounds that the letterbox would be unguarded if I went into the kitchen.

13:09 Afternoon snack of cherry and bonus broccoli out of the way, I make an effort to throw my ice bottle further into the hallway. Exhausted by all this activity I make myself comfortable on my mat.

16:33 Waitress appears to be visiting Haas and Katrijn in the garden. Treats could be on offer so I have a look outside but decide it is too hot to really bother. Instead, I go on a reccy to see what she has been up to all day.

16:34:55 Work to be done! BAFFLED Labs, Bunstruction Division jumps into action.

16:34:56 Finished. Waitress makes loud noises of appreciation. Indeed I know my stuff! I have my picture taken for the international press release to go out later today. I could have chosen a less hot day to be doing press interviews, but hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles…

BAFFLED Bunstruction


  1. That’s a thing of beauty! We may have to enlist your help on a contract we’ve struggled with for years. Our waitress has rewired a lamp a couple of times because our bunstruction was not good enough. Much success to you. -Spike


    1. Thank you! It’s all down to practise, really. I am also becoming rather practised in bunstructing antique desks, to the delight of my waiter who is very keen on ensuring the family heirlooms retain their characteristic lived-in look…


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