Waiter gone AWOL

Katrijn mah fluff goddess, wo’ of da’ wai’er of ahrs? ‘aven” seen ‘im in a week.

Feelin’ sli’ely ignored ‘n suchlike, as i’ were.

Where's waiter

But dear Haas, where have you been? Waiter was detained by the FBI on suspicion of exceeding the maximum limit on intellect allowed by US Immigration. Had to undergo an intelligence assessment at O’Hare International Airport before they would consider letting him in, which of course he failed miserably.

Bouffe had to ring his mate Barry in the White House to let him in. Waiter had to promise not to talk to uniforms, in case he says something really smart…

want waiter

Ah wan’ mah wai’er back ORRITE, or Ah shall sen’ mah boys ahroun’ ter fetch ‘im pers’nally.

Very understaffed. Service levels ‘ere ‘ave been appallin’ dis week. Grumpy waitress.

Paps everywhere.


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