Don’t look now…


Pssst, Haas, don’t look now… Is that her? Is she coming? Don’t make eye contact. I’m not speaking to her. Look away!

Yes, so I have this knot in my mane, right between my ears, and it’s all her fault, see, she should have brushed it when I had some hay stuck in it and she neglected it, then my mane technician canceled on me as well, talk about unprofessional, right on the same day as my Talon Salon – my nails are a mess – something to do with snow, anyway, I have this knot and I am really not impressed with the standard of service of our serving wench right now.


Anyway. What IS she wearing?! Is that meant to be pink or something? Really. With her complexion? I’m glad Delores isn’t here to see how she’s letting herself go. And what is all that goo on her sleeves? Disgusting.


Lets not stare… She needs to concentrate on cleaning our loo.


Have you seen our waiter lately? Do you think he’s done a runner?

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