The Christmas TMF Treat

Tia MItzi Flopsy treat 1

Phoar, K’trijn, look a’ dat! Is da annual Tia-Mitzi-Flopsy Chrimbo treat, feast yer lovely eyes on dat! Shame abaht dem veg spoilin’ mah view

Ah’ll ‘ave a Chrimbo tree trea’, yum… fanks Flops!

Tia Mitzi Flopsy treat 2

Oooh, are those peanuts? Peanut oil does wonders for my mane. Strengthens the follicles so it stands up to wind better!

How very thoughtful to get me this, I can see Mitzi and Tia’s feminine touch in this treat. Note to self: must get waitress to send them a bottle of my favourite bottea shampoo.

Tia MItzi Flopsy treat 3

Nah, as much as Ah loves mah K’trijn yeah, she does ‘ave a bi’ of a nas’y ‘abit of stealin’ mah food. Ahm always tryin’ ter fin’ da one safe spo’ ter enjoy mah food and usually failin’. So terday Ahm goin’ ter be really swi’ched on like, an’ ‘ide i’ where she can’ ge’ ter i’: under ‘er bottae! Who’s a cleva bun nah?!

Tia Mitzi Flopsy treat

Thinks I can’t hear him scrunching away. I’m going to wolf this down and then turn around and finish off that Christmas tree treat!

Tia Mitzi Flopsy treat

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