Haas stars in new movie


Haas, the celebrity geezerbun of Bunnington Post fame has launched his movie career by taking the lead in an online movie which is hotly tipped to give blockbusters like Avatar and Titanic a run for their money in the box office stakes.

The Bunnington Post can exclusively reveal that Haas has completed filming in the last weeks days and having recovered from the wrap party, is now reclining in a tuft of freshly arranged hay opposite me to lift a tip of the veil on this new venture.

BP So, Haas, what is the film about?

Haas I’s like a journey of discerverly like, Ahm playin’ a searcher kinda fink, but i’s also an axhiun movie rite, so Ahm playin’ an axhiun ‘ero on a persennel journey if yerlike.

BP How did you prepare for your role?

Haas Ah did lots of research into tigers an’ climbin’ trees ‘n birds ‘n such. Ahm a charrecketer actor rite? So Ah spen’ time gettin’ inter charrecketer hanging’ wif som bird frien’s amine ‘n such. It wos deep.

BP How did this character change you?

Haas well, Ah now know Ah can’ fly. But Ah’ve come ter terms wivvit yeah. Mah therrepis’ ‘as ‘elped wif da fallou’ of it all.

BP What was it like working with Drawastickman?

Haas Ah mean, Ah’ve always been such a big fan yea, so at fir’ Ah was like star struck ‘n such. Bu’ when da filmin’ star’ed rite, it wos like one big family y’know. So it wos all cool.

BP Is it true that you do all your own stunts?

Haas Of course. snarf! Obviously, Ah can do anyfink, yea… twis’ a whisker or acciden’erly ge’ hi’… but i’s fun. Ah fink tha’ i’ adds ter da movie. Da movie needed tha’ level o’ rearlissem an’ i’ wos par’ of da challenge fer me ter be able ter do i’… Dis ‘ere movie wos a marafon, orrite. Ah’ve go”en very good at schederlin’ mah life, schederlin’ da scene an’ perparin’ mahsel’ fer knowin’, savin’ da ennergy like, censumin’ da ennergy, knowin’ wen ter go fer i’ an’ ‘avin’ da availerble reserves ter be able ter do dat. Ye ‘ave ter fink abaht dat, coz i”s endurance… Even da scenes where yer don” have da axhiun, Ah’ve got ter pace mahsel’. Ah’ve got ter know, cos a’ da end of da day, yea, yer mite be doin’ a close-up an’ workin’ on dis ‘ere scene an’ ye go’ ter be prepared like, ye go’ ter ‘ave i’ availerble. So Ah finks of dat when Ah’m perperring for ah film rite, so Ah perperre very ‘ard.

BP what’s your next role going to be?

Haas rite now, ‘usban’ ter may lovely K’trijn. [Haas smiles the famous smile, a twinkle in his eye]

Haas’s new movies is now on general release at Drawastickman


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