The TMF Munch Scale

Our roving reporter, Mitzi, has sent in some pre-approved treats for us to enjoy. She sent us the following report:

The contents of this bag are a mix of biscuits of varying shapes and flavours, meeting multi-bun preferences and tastes while remaining suitably attractive.

Crunchiness and crumbliness both score high on the TMF (TiaMitziFlopsy) Munch Scale. Often underrated, crumbliness adds to the fun of chasing escapee crumbs around and provide opportunities for extended searches in the hay in a bid to hoover up the last crumb before someone else does.

Leaves a full feeling in the stomach and will have you demanding your waiter/waitress for more. Available in all Michelin-starred pet shops.

That looks rather pleasing Haas… Best get out politest table manners out to do the lovely present justice!

Hey, Bink! Delores! We’re sending the waitress round, have some of this!

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