Waitress! … Waitress?

‘aven’ seen our waitress all weekend rite, da wife ‘n mesel’ ‘ave been doin’ some finkin’ yeah… We reckon she’s done a runner on accoun’ of our breakfast habit. Ah mean ter say dat of’enlike we struggle ter keep fings civilised when da good stuff is served early in da mornin’… but unfortuna’ely we fail mos’entimes, truth be said. Ah mean, Ah don’ inten’ ter jump all ova ‘er ‘ands when she’s tryin’ ter serve me veggie but Ah get so exci’ed!

Katrijn ‘ere’s too shy ter speak fer ‘ersel’ but she jus’ wan’ ter ask da waitress ter come back ‘n she promises not ter growl at feedin’ times so much. An’ ter sit still fer cuddles. Promise!

Pretty please?

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