The day after The Wedding Present

Methinks da wife has a bi’ of a ‘angova from last nite… Bless ‘er beardy mane, she’s positively knackered!

’tis da pogoin’ rite, ya gotta keep it up or ya lose da knack.

Bi’ o’ a The Wedding Present fan, is me Katrijn. Ever since da George Best album came out yeah, she been goin’ ter all da gigs ‘n such. Mefinks it wos George’s beard wot did it really. She been providin’ da band wif advice on ‘ow to ‘andle da celebri’y lifestyle ‘n such, seein’ as she been tourin’ with Tina Turner ‘n ZZ Top ‘n Dolly Par’on and ofa big ‘aired ‘n bearded performers. Luckily fer Dave G he don’ do big ‘air or beard cos Ahm da jealous type.

Da good news is, me rite ear ‘as rited itsel’ again.


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