Oooh, matron!

Hee hee…

Katrijn me lass, wot ya doin’ there…? …

Ooh! Hee heeeeee hahhhheee ooooh!

How’d ya do that? Very cleva… mmm-m-mmost p-pleasan’…!  Ooohhh!!

TICKLISH!!!  Mwaaaaah… Oooh… ‘trijn… Me luv’ly lass… Mmmmm….

… Wot’s that?

Wait hun, Ah finks Ah can hear sumfink ahtside.

Oooh! Stop it now, someone’s gonna walk in on us.  Can ya jus’ imagine da fron’page tamorra? Heeehheeehohohohohhh… No really… Ah ‘eard sumfink. ‘onest love!

Cor blimey, is brekkers time arreddy! Funny ‘ow time flies, rite?

Come on up, yer mane looks orrite ta me, ain’t no-one gonna tell.  We go’ apple teday!

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