From our reporter – It is confirmed, the rumours are all true: Katrijn has taken Haas back.  On the return of Haas and Katrijn, who had simply decided to take a drive in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside to work through their differences without the ever-present media looking in, the scenes in the country mansion could only be described as heart warming.

Taking some first, uncertain steps after their thirty minute drive, Haas and Katrijn quickly settled down into a relaxed routine once again. Katrijn, who is known to suffer from travel sickness went for a lie down while Haas pottered around her, attentively sniffing her bottom and checking out the area to ensure Katrijn could recover in comfort.

Katrijn’s publicist would not be drawn into detail, but stated that the couple were looking forward to haas moving into the hutch again.

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