From our reporter – A sighting has been reported of Haas and Katrijn being taken away in a single carrier to an unknown destination.

At a quarter past eight in the evening Haas and Katrijn could be made out clearly together in the same carrier as they left the back garden and were brought into the front garden.  As everyone knows this is where the car is kept.

The last sighting of Haas and Katrijn was of the carrier being loaded into the car, which was last seen shaking off the paparazzi on the A44.

At this time we can only speculate but what we do know is that Haas and Katrijn’s Personal Physicians are based north of the A34, and that the car was last spotted travelling west on the A44 towards Woodstock. It is very unlikely that they are being taken to the surgery. We also have it on good authority that Haas is almost back at his normal weight and has been running and jumping during his training sessions.

More news as soon as we learn of the latest developments.

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