Haas’s Great Escape

Reuters – riot police were summoned to an address in Oxfordshire after reports of an escaped geezerbun were received from concerned residents.  Upon arrival it became clear that a bun fitting the description of Haas had indeed escaped his pen and was circling a second pen. Unconfirmed sources say that this pen contained Bink and Delores, and that Haas was seen taunting and scratching Delores through the maze. Police will neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of this claim.

Armed to the teeth and in full riot gear the police conferred briefly to discuss tactics.  Slowly, but deliberately the specially trained agents approached an exceedingly excited Haas who was too distracted by Delores to pay much attention to the trap which was being set.  Years of training kicked into smooth action as Special Operations Field Agent (SOFA) F and SOFA J cut off Haas’s escape possibilities one by one.

Suddenly Haas realised the garden had become quite crowded. By then it was too late: Haas was captured in one swift move as he tried to flash past SOFA J.  He was left to cool off in his hutch, to which he will be confined for the foreseeable future while CCTV is being installed.

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