Mrs May’s number 1 fan


My hero of the day is Theresa May. Her genius has simply floored me! Here is a list of today’s heroic Theresa acts that made up my mind by lunchtime – way to go, Prime Minister!

3. Thanks to Theresa, I will still not have to pay my staff properly. Excellent. More celery and kale for me

2. I am really looking forward to President Ivanka  Donald Trump’s visit in 2018. Just what we need, a healthy dose of empty special relationship propaganda to distract us from tedious stuff like inequality, public sector pay and the recoiling UK economy. We need a distraction from domestic politics which are frankly getting tedious. Trump state visits are the new bread and games peeps

and here is my personal favourite:

1. Theresa May, Remainer turned Brexiteer extraordinaire, has an ideas box for Brexit in case anyone wants to pop by and slip her a note.

Illustration: Ben Jennings for The Guardian

Quelle leadership! Bravo et encore, Mme May!

Now, can we have a Mexican wave for Theresa?



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