Gratuitous Bouffe pics

Strictly subject to IP, copyright law, data protection, Trade Marks and T&Cs which we will invent and enforce through whichever court of law we take a shine at whenever it so pleases us.

Other than that, enjoy!




  1. Dearest yowlyy,

    We are interior designers you see, and your living environment is in need of enhancement. That’s why we are donating the fur off our backs to create a wonderful space for us all to enjoy. And because we wuv you so much, especially at brekkers time… And because of the ear rubs! Oooh… bit to the left… and back again, hmmm… Keep going…



  2. Dearest Bouffe, I see you are in the midst of a mildly violent moult? Neville seems to have followed you, he’s spreading thin layers of white fluff (the brown bits don’t seem to be shedding right now) which turned our dark blue carpet in a marbled version of itself. Ear rubs to you!! xxx


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