Soz ‘n like, stuff

Yeah, so, it’s been, like, really busy and stuff around here. Been down with the kids Miller and Lola, who dragged their waitress over for a play date the other week.

I have to say it’s life-affirming, or should I say chill, to hang out with the young buns once in a while. My personal physician Ian commented only yesterday that at 8,5 years old I am in pretty good nick overal, what with the head tilt business taken into consideration and all.

I put it down to keeping in touch with the next generation!

That said, I have to say today’s teenage bun is a bit forward… they sit in your food bowl uninvited. Peruse my tray, which I consider a highly personal space myself. Public canoodling is also acceptable these days, it seems.

Anyway. Sorry it has been a while. I’m still in recovery [position] after that last visit from my dear friends Lola and Miller. Look at her pretty black lop ears! Isn’t she lovely though?

Ooh, I can feel a Stevie Wonder moment coming on…


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