What I did yesterday, by Bouffe

Chers amis,

Yesterday was a really boring day.

Louis Theroux was following me around with his crew all day for his new documentary (you are not supposed to know that! Shhhh….), and I had a photo shoot for my upcoming book.


That’s me, in the blue chair being interviewed, in case you are wondering. Well. I am actually underneath it, minor detail.

Brekkers was so-so, so the waitress had to be spoken to. Plus ça change.

Then I had a snooze, and some veggies, then a snooze and some hay, then I had a big snooze. By then it was about 11 am, so a pretty productive day, if uneventful.

Anyway. I don’t have much to report, I did warn you it was boring. I am off for a snooze now methinks.



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