Bouffe’s Life Hacks Part I: Toys

Chers amis et amies!

In my new series explaining how you can bypass cumbersome procedures and get straight to the point, I proudly present Life Hacks Part I: Toys.

Lately a whole new industry has sprung up aimed at ‘breaking boredom’ and ‘training’ us lagomorphs. Amazon is awash with educational toys and YouTube with instructional videos on kaninhop and the like.

I say: vive la résistance! 

Do not give in to your waiting staff’s latest fad, because we all know what we really want is to laze about all day when we are not scoffing food or bunstructing cables/personalising footwear.

So here is Life Hacks Part I: how to deal with those idiotic boredom breaker toys in 10 seconds flat. Enjoy!


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