Bouffe’s head tilt shuffle

Alors mes amis, you’ve been kind enough to keep asking me how I have been.

Well, while the truth is I am having trouble remembering the glory days when I had the ladies chasing me to lavish their attentions on me, things are not too bad.

I get to beat up a vet once every few weeks (they took out an ASBO against me so now I can only visit once every three or so weeks instead of weekly) and I get fussed over no end. The food is great and my waitress has given up that stupid job of hers to wait on me full-time.

So, all in all pretty good stuff, I’d say.

What is it like to have head tilt you ask? Let me show you.

I would not describe it as a must-have, but it does make you look at the world from a different perspective, as it were.

Par example, these days I like to consider things while lying down a lot more…



I have to also say I quite like having a posh bed these days:


Very comfortable, and a soft landing when stumbling is guaranteed.

I also like to spend time in the great outdoors. After all, it is spring!


Not overly keen on grass though. I have become too attached to my soft pillows!


Really, it’s OK. I’m still overjoyed when my waiting staff return home from going out to buy me fresh kale and celery.

I like to wait for them on the doormat to say hello as soon as they arrive! One must make an effort to appreciate one’s staff, it keeps morale going…


Oooh, is that a biscuit?!


    1. Hi Maria,

      It appears to be permanent.

      There can be a few causes for a head tilt, with a common one being the e.Cuniculi parasite causing neurological damage in the brain. Most rabbits carry it and never suffer any ill effects. Bouffe tested positive for EC a few years ago.

      Another possibility is a Pasteurella infection, which we suspect is possibly the cause here. The infection takes hold in the middle ear and is seen more often in large lops than uppy-eared rabbits.

      We know Bouffe had an ear infection, which makes it quite likely he does have this infection. The way to find out is by putting him in an MRi scanner, which we have decided to spare him.

      Because we think it’s a Pasteurella infection, Bouffe is receiving weekly penicillin injections, and he seems to thrive on this treatment. He did not respond at all to EC medication.

      So, even though this does not seem to go away, Bouffe appears to have improved, as he can keep his balance well now. He is otherwise very healthy, happy and lively, and continues to demand treats, food and cuddles! He has become almost as mobile as he was before, to the point where we have to put our things away or he’ll bunstruct them for us…


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