Goodbye, dear Tia

Bunnington Post guest reporter Tia, who has tragically died while negotiating the release of canine hostages from a siege situation in an undisclosed location in Bicester, was a fearless campaigner for lagomorph rights.

Born into a dynasty of jail breakers, Tia used her natural camouflage to smuggle the oppressed and persecuted out of dangerous situations. Knowing her limits, Tia usually retired from active duty during snowy periods to spend time honing her digging skills instead.

It was during such a break from her hectic schedule that the world discovered her natural talent for unsettling the foundations of garden buildings.

A Master Bungineer whose best-known works include the much-publicised felling of a rotary clothes pole and successful undermining of a garden shed, Tia was a Founding Fellow of the respected Society for the National Advancement of Bunstruction, Bungineering and Lagomorph Excellence (SNABBLE).

Tia’s considerable social skills also won her many friends.

Her sense of style was rivalled only by that of Delores, who famously approved of Tia’s bottae on the BP’s front page in June 2011, thus securing her a permanent place in the frow of London Fashion Week.

Despite the lack of mane, Tia also quickly established a friendship based on mutual admiration with Katrijn. Daily chit-chat about the pros and cons of black fur belied the depth of their intellectual relationship. Katrijn and Tia went on to frequently lock horns over existential questions with the likes of Alain de Botton through the pages of Science and Nature.

Tia’s close friendships with Katrijn and Delores were indicative of her philosophical views on lagomorph life.

As Mitzi’s sister she generously shared her husband Flopsy with her, and remained a devoted sibling and concubine throughout their married lives.



Founding Fellow SNABBLE

Master Bungineer

Lagomorph Freedom Fighter

MI5 Hostage Negotiator

Beloved sister of Mitzi and adored concubine of Flopsy

Much missed by her waitress  and her friends at the Bunnington Post


    1. Poor buns indeed… Winter can be too much. We don’t really know, may have been a combination of things including gut stasis. Mitzi and Flopsy are very upset… As is the rest of the BP news room. Big fat nosebumps from all to Cousin Neville!


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