Festive chilling

So. Advanced chilling was practiced chez Bouffe this Christmas.

Most days I lounged for around 22 hours a day and occasionally twitched my nose or moved my whiskers. A few times I rolled onto my back to have my tummy rubbed by my staff for a bit of variety. The remaining time was spent doing what one does at Chrimbo: eating and having a grunty poo.

Even so, I did have time for a photo shoot with Anton [Corbijn – ed.] for the book sleeve of my upcoming bestseller. Yes indeed, not an e-book in sight, we’re liking that retro vibe of a beautifully bound hardback and dust cover. Very 2014, Katrijn tells me.

As a belated Christmas pressie from me, and especially for you, my loyal following, a preview of my favourite portrait!


Naturally I am going to have that evil Amazon logo photoshopped away for the final version and have a Lanvin logo added in homage to my dear and sadly missed friend Delores. We like to think she would approve.

Artsy, non?

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