Marty throws a (podiatry) party


Bouffe my man, yo yo yo! Roll on by my crib homes, I got da cure man, I got da cure!



Marty? Marty my friend? How pleasurable to see you! Pleasant, I meant.

Are you well? The slang… It’s not, how do I say, how I know you…

Oooh Bouffe, do you think it’s too much? I’m not sure about it either, but I thought I’d give it a try…

I heard it in an Alabama 3 song you know. ‘The cure, I’ve got the cure’. I thought it would be a good promotional vehicle for my podiatry practice.

You do not think it’s not actually about ingrown toenails then?

Bouffe Marty 2

Boo hiss at your waitress. Look at the state of those talons! Out-ra-ge-ous, what is she thinking?


Come here, let me sort you out you poor thing. You must be uncomfortable, clicking like a girl when you binky!


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