Microlamb, the intrepid reporter

Our international campaign to bring human waiting staff up to a globally recognised standard has received a boost with the arrival of Microlamb this week.

Microlamb, born 24 Marc 2013

Microlamb deployed the very useful tactic of being an Invisible Twin and being born unexpectedly – the ultimate mystery shopping device.

Barely had she downed her first bottle of milk, or she dedicated herself to her first inspection: the Aga.

Microlamb testing the Aga

Her very small size – at birth, four Microlambs would have made one Bouffe in terms of weight- means she fits into spaces which are out of reach for most investigators.

Very soon Microlamb also started educating her waiter, farmer Gareth.

Although waiting staff in our experience tend to be slow learners and rather under-resourced in the intelligence department, Microlamb’s research shows not all is lost yet: farmer Gareth responds well to training, and has not once missed a bottle feed for example.

Microlamb and farmer Gareth in a training session. Image credit: Yorkpress

She even picks her own bedtime story before bed.

Microlamb achieved in four days what we can only dream of after four years! Well done Microlamb, and keep up the good work.

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