Now then…

… The Bunnington Post has suffered the loss of three of its closest friends, and has spent the summer coming to terms with it all. Nothing stays the same, but what remains are the memories of the good times, and the conviction that we are about to create many more.

So, in that vein, the BP knows there are Presidential elections to comment on, Chief Whips who need flogging (although we suspect they may actually enjoy that), celebs requiring counselling, fashion disasters in need of analysing and a global demand for lagomorph lifestyle advice which needs satisfying.

Our aestas horribilia is over, we’re back!


  1. Yum yum… fresh kale is lovely, says Neville! He is also somehow partial to fresh veggies just brought in from the farmers market. We will have to wait for Saturday for it, though. Enjoy the greens and our regards to Katrijn and Haas!


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