Haas requests summer

Orrite. ’nuff of da rain ‘n cold ‘n winds ORRITE, mah K’trijn doesn’ like wot it does ter her mane, and pers’nally, Ahm ready fer sum summer activerty, yeah.

Bi’ o’ diggin’ wivaht da permafros’ ‘n mud, da odd ray ter warm me bones, an’ a bi’ of da green stuff growin’ beneef me footsies suits me dahn ter da groun’.

How’s abaht i’, Weaffa Gods?!

Of course, i’s neva goin’ ter be as much fun wivaht mah ma’e Bink… Bless ‘im!

Ah will dedercate da firs’ danderlion ter poke it’s lickle ‘ead up in da lawn ter mah ma’e Bink. ‘ere’s ter you, ma’ey!

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